April 1st is fast approaching and this group was created in the hopes that it can be a space for those interested in pursuing a general rent strike to discuss. A general rent strike depends on strength in numbers, and recognizing that we may not have that in the next week, lots of conversations are happening about whether we should be aiming to build a strike for May 1st instead.

Rent striking rather than waiting for the government to save us is always going to be a little risky – it’s important for everyone to read up on what it could mean and decide for themselves. But in a city where housing justice movements feel like an uphill battle – we may have never been in a better position to go for it!

Check out rentstrikevan.ca for analysis of the current situation and rent strike strategy. Find virus-safe ways to talk to people in your networks. Ask yourself what you need and have capacity for at this point in time. And let’s discuss here!

Onwards into uncertainty…

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