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DISCLAIMER: We are a decentralized initiative seeking to spread information and resources to the many tenants already talking about rent strikes. We do not have the capacity to provide anyone with direct legal support. A general rent strike will require mass participation, and our strength will come from the numbers and solidarity we are able to mobilize and any political pressure we are able to apply. We are in this together but must recognize that we are taking a risk.

Rent Strike Vancouver provides decentralized access to resources and information to help those interested in striking make informed decisions. A rent strike’s strength comes from the numbers and organization of the strikers participating. Organizing to strike with your neighbours or building is the best way to build the momentum and solidarity required for an effective strike. The Vancouver Tenants’ Union (VTU) provides excellent resources focused on organizing buildings and neighborhoods. As buildings strike, we can build momentum and solidarity – however until then many of us still can’t pay our rent and some may want to strike in solidarity. Rent Strike Vancouver comes in to fill this gap and empower tenants to participate in a general city wide rent strike. This should compliment the work of those organizing in local groups and we highly encourage tenants to do both.

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Land Acknowledgement

This strike is taking place in what has come to be known as the Greater Vancouver Area, a place that has since time immemorial been the territories of the Coast Salish peoples. This territory is unceded, and the colonial project of private property continues to perpetuate violence against marginalized communities such as the region’s Indigenous peoples first and foremost. No rent on stolen land!

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E-mail us at: [email protected] (you can use PGP encryption with our public key)